Creating a Report Card

Tip: When you see the "?" icon, click on it to learn more about that item or word.

Step One: Select your Search Criteria

Enter as much information as possible in the search fields.

Tip: Health plans list areas where they operate by city, county and zip code. If your plan is not listed by your state or zip code, try searching by the plan’s name only.

Check the box indicating you agree to the terms and conditions of the site. (You must do so in order to search the report card.)

Click "Search".

Step Two: Select Plans to Compare

The next page lists all plans that fit your criteria, sorted by name. Plan names may be followed by a list of other names that the plan also uses. For example, the plan whose business name is Aetna Health, Inc. (Colorado) also goes by Aetna Health Network Option and Open Access HMO, among others. Use the arrow icons in the light-blue header boxes to sort by name, plan type or accredited product.

Select plans to compare. If you wish to compare all plans, check "Select All" in the header box. You must select at least one plan to compare.

For a shortcut to view results for a single plan only, just click on that plan’s name.

If you would like to select new search criteria, click the green box in the top right side of the screen to start a new search.

Tip: If your plan is not listed in the Health Plan Report Card, click "Why is My Plan Not Listed?" at the top or bottom of the page to learn more.

Step Three: View Accreditation Ratings

The next page shows accreditation ratings data for the plans you selected. Sort the columns by using the arrow icons in the header box. Click on “Accreditation Rating Criteria” for more information about accreditation type and the star ratings.

Tip: If you have selected many plans to compare, use “Next Page” to view additional plans.

Step Four: Putting It All Together

Now that you know how your plan rates among other plans, use the resources available in the "About" and "Resources & Tools" sections to learn more about what it all means.

If you have any questions about how to use NCQA’s Health Plan Report Card, contact NCQA Customer Support at or (888) 275-7585.